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    -15 Abril - Muntanyes Costa Daurada (Prades)
    -8 Juliol - Colldejou
    -21 Juliol - Nocturna Poblet-Prades
    -30 Setembre - Albiol
    -20 Octubre - Serra Montsant
    -18 Novembre - Les Ermites (Ulldemolins)



    -Només puntua distància 21k

    -Puntuen les 4 millors de 6

    - Premis valorats en més 2.000€

    - Premis als 10 primers de la general home/dona

    -Premis per clubs

    -Dorsal personalitzat tota la temporada

    -Samarreta exclusiva per cursa k42Running

    - Possibilitat d'apuntar-se a tota la temporada:6x5


2018 Challenger KALENJI trailSERIES 21K


The Challenger trailSERIES Costa Daurada is formed by seven trailrunning races in the best sides around Costa Daurada, from countryside until the sea.

The main objective is to releace the best routes to play trailrunning in competition.

Each race  has one distances: 

  • Long race: about 20km

TREKKING CHAMPIONSHIP: All the races are open to people who want to do it walking. In this case, the route will be the same as the short race (10km), but it will have an own start and the suitable provisiong posts that this modality requires. All the trekkers who finish a route will get the same number of points.



These are the Challenger races:

  • -15 April - Muntanyes Costa Daurada (Prades)
  • -8 July - Colldejou
  • -21 July - Nocturna Poblet-Prades
  • -30 September - Albiol
  • -20 October - Serra Montsant
  • -18 November - Les Ermites (Ulldemolins)


  • Each runner punctuates with his best four results
  • To be in the final ranking is necessary to have participated in three races at least
  • Each race has its own punctuation coefficient, that depends on the distance and the hardness

Si te quieres apuntar a todo el Circuito trailSERIES 21K de golpe, ya lo puedes hacer:

  • Coste: 84€ (te ahorras una carrera y todas las pagas a un precio reducido). Inscripción abierta hasta el 05 de JULIO o agotar dorsales.

  • Dorsal personalizado: Puedes alegir el número de dorsal que quieres llevar toda la temporada, del 1 al 100.

  • Seguro Anulación:  Contratando el seguro de anulación (20€) podrás recuperar el dinero de las 5 carreras que al final no puedas venir, sólo te pedimos que nos avises 10 días antes. Devolveremos 19€/carrera y un máximo de 3 devoluciones.
  • Seguro Acidentes: También puedes contratar el seguro de accidentes de las 5 carreras a un precio de 3€/carrera. Total 15€.

  • Vaso Reutilitzable: En cada carrera encontrarás a la venta nuestros vasos reutilizables. Coste 4€.

  • Camiseta Extra. Si quieres alguna camiseta extra de alguna de las carreras, pídela a la organización con un mínimo de 15 días previos a la carrera. Coste: 10€


Para hacer la INSCRIPCIÓN, clica AQUI (a partir 16 Mayo)


  • -15 April - Muntanyes Costa Daurada (Prades)


Inside UTMCD 2018, there two races about 10 and 20 km starting and finishing in Prades, running through the paths that join the most emblematic sides of this zone.

To watch all the details of this race, click HERE



-8 July - Colldejou

TrailSERIES Colldejou starts and finishes in this nice village of Costa Daurada countryside. It will take us to legendary sides as Mola de Colldejou, where we will have an overlooking of 360º, with sights to Montsant and Tarragona.

Discovering Serra de Llaberia and the village that has the same name with narrow cobbled streets that will host our way.

To know all the information about the race, click HERE


21 July - Nocturna Poblet-Prades


The nocturnal Poblet-Prades is a race that initiated as a summer trek with the Section of Mountain of the Agrupació Cultural Vila-seca in 2001; ten years later it also became a nocturnal race, joining the Poblet Monastery and the Village of Prades, walking for the GR 171 and his variant 171.4 and going through emblematic points as la Font del Deport, la Mola dels Quatre Termes and el Tossal de la Baltassana.

To know all the information about the race, click HERE

 30 September - Albiol

Running through Albiol is synonymous with enjoying and enjoying "trailrunning",
visiting wonderful and magical corners where time seems to stop. And this year we make it
daytime, so you can enjoy fantastic
views over the valleys and the Costa Daurada.

To know all the information about the race, click HERE

20 October - Serra Montsant


Inside UTSM 2018, there two races about 10 and 26 km starting and finishing in Cornudella de Montsant, running through the paths that join the most emblematic sides of this zone.

To watch all the details of this race, click HERE


 18 November - Les Ermites (Ulldemolins)

The last race of Circuit trailSERIES Costa Daurada 2018 will take place in Ulldemolins, starting and finishing in Sant Antoni's hermitage.

To watch all the details of this race, click HERE



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