March, the 16th & 17th, 2019

 The Costa Daurada’s Mountains Ultra Trail is the Catalan Ultra Race Championship.

 The eighth edition of the COSTA DAURADA’S Mountains Ultra Trail will take place on March, the 16th and 17th of 2019. This is a race insite in the Catalonia Challenger FEEC 2019. 


The eighth edition of the Ultra Trail Muntanyes of the COSTA DAURADA will take place on March 16 and 17, which this year is awarded as the FEEC 2019 FEAT 2019 ULTRARESURANCE CATALONIA CHAMPIONSHIP, at its distance LONG TRAIL. 

If you want to discover the most beautiful corners of the Costa Daurada mountains, do not hesitate, this is your career. 

There will be different distances to enjoy at the pace that each one chooses.




The distance LONG TRAIL has been selected by the FEEC to host the Catalonia Ultraresistance Championship 2019 both individually and teams (without relays).



The ITRA has modified the evaluation system, increasing the difficulty to reach the points, so the 3 distances are affected and also increase the route compared to the 2018 edition. Cutting times will also be extended. 


There will be different lengths so that everyone feels at ease.  

Note: Provisional distances until the closed routes. 



In the distance ULTRA TRAIL, it will be possible to participate for the first time in the form of RELEVOS. A team of 4 runners must be formed and each one will have to make a minimum of 1 sector. 



As we did in 2018, the short distances of the 5k, 10k and 21k, we moved to Sunday March 31. The objective is to better serve the runners of each modality. The short distances will continue to score for the Liga TGN Norte (10k) and Kalenji Trailseries Costa Dorada (21k) circuits. More information: HERE (pending update) 






Race director: Joan Carbonell

Telephone number: +34606451453 (10 to 15h)



ITRA points: 5 (2019-2020)

Length: 110 Km

+ altitude change: +4.950 m

Provisioning posts:

  • 6 ONLY water (Prades, Albarca, Siurana, Castillejos, La Mussara, Mas de Forés)
  • 4 light provisioning posts (Cornudella de Montsant + Albiol + Mont-ral + Capafonts)
  • 1 complete provisioning post (Vilaplana)

Max. time: 25.30h

Starting time: 08:30h

Start: at Prades



ITRA points: 4 (2019-2020)

Length: 87 Km

+ altitude change: +3.915 m

Provisioning posts:

  • 5 ONLY water (Prades, Albarca, Siurana, Castillejos, La Mussara)
  • 2 light provisioning posts (Cornudella de Montsant + Capafonts)
  • 1 complete provisioning post (Vilaplana)

Max. time: 19.45h

Starting time: 08:30h

Start: at Prades



ITRA points: 3 (2019-2020)

Length: 53 km

+ altitude change: 2.413 m

– altitud change: 2.198 m

Provisioning posts:

  • 2 OLY water (La Mussara – Mas de Forés)
  • 3 lights provisioning posts (Albiol + Mont-ral + Capafonts)

Max. time: 13h

Starting time: 12h

Start: at Vilaplana


 PRICES 2019 



LTMCD 87kms

Ultra Catalonia Championship

HTMCD 53kms
RUNNER UTSM2018 (only for UTSM18 runners) -15% -15% -15%
PROMOTION PRICE RATE (20-12-2018/31-12-2018) ** 79€ 64€ 49€
REDUCED RATE (01-01-2019 / 31-01-2019) 89€ 74€ 59€
NORMAL RATE (01-02-2019/28-02-2019) 94€ 79€ 64€
LAST MINUTE RATE (01-03-2019/10-03-2019)  99€ 84€ 69€
TEAM RELAY ULTRA TRAIL (4 runners) 40€/pax NO NO
INSURANCE CANCELLATION FEE (get money back until 24th February without justification) +5€ +5€ +5€

Registrations are made throught two different forms depending on the distance:

 →  -REGISTRATION LONG TRAIL 87kms Ultra Catalonia Championship (Form FEEC here)


 →  -REGISTRATION ULTRA 110kms- HALF53kms  (Form Naturetime here)

   REGISTRATION TEAM RELAY ULTRA 110kms- One form per person. 3 or 4 runners.   (Form Naturetime here)


  • * RUNNER UTSM18 RATE: The first 11 days. To enjoy the UTSM18 rate it is necessary to have run in the 2018 editionat any of the distances UTSM, you will recibe an email with the code, or ask it to the organization: [email protected] .

  • **PROMOTION RATE: The first 11 days. 
  • Temporary accident insurance (mandatory in cas of not being federated): +10€
      • If you approach DECATHLON VILA-SECA / REUS / TARRAGONA able to make registration with up to 10% off the registration fee: only accept payment in cash and after 1st January 2019
        • 10% UTMCD/LTMCD/HTMCD


During the registration process you can buy different services we will make your experience more comfortable in the race.

  • Bus: In the case of HalfTMCD the start of the race is from Vilaplana. The organization will provide buses to transport riders to reserve it, departing at 10:30h from Prades. The fare is 7 €. Is required on booking and payment for the registration process.  
  • Pasta Dinner Party UTMCD OFFICIAL: On Friday, March 15th, 2019, in the Càmping Prades (Prades). Price 12 €. Book and pay for the registration process. Free Buffet about pastas + salad + bread + drink + dessert. Also you can make reservations directly at Càmping Prades: 977 868 270. 
  • PERSONALIZED PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPGHY WITH DISCOUNT: Hire your personalized photo in career by esportFoto photographers. Sing up for registration and get the price of the on-line offer: 5€. Post Race price: 10€
  • Glass Reusable: In career did not give any vessel. You can buy this reusable, fun, easy to store and 250cl capacity that will help you to drink at the aid stations and sources glass. Price: 4€ ON-Line price. The race day the price will be 7€. 
  • Cancellation Insurance: Hiring this service can cancel your participation in the race without Justicar any reason up to 10 days before the race (February 24th, 2019 included). Only you can hire to do the registration. Price: 5€

  • Solidarity Bib-number 2019: During the registration process you can participate in the SOLIDARITY BIBNUMBER PROJECT 2018-19: FROM REUS TO HELLAS: Monitors and lifeguards from Reus and Prades go to Lesbos to help in the refugee camps through sports projectsIt’s very easy, you can help the refugees in Lesbos with 1, 3, 5 or 10€.



  • Runners bag
  • Right to participation.
  • Provisioning posts during the race.
  • Raffle for material.
  • Provisioning post at finish zone.
  • Trophies for the winners.
  • Finisher medal Ultra/Long/Half
  • Life Bag. Only for Ultra and Long. Gift bag.
  • Includes transport service of the Life Bag between Prades and Vilaplana, and return.
  • Medical asistance.
  • Physio service in different points of the track.
  • Timing and following live ONLINE.
  • Showers.
  • Dj’s.
  • Quality technical t-shirt
  • Quality technical socks
  • Personal photo Service
  • Tv produccions
  • Taxes 21%
  • Special discount (15%) in race Ultra Trail Serra Montsant 2019 (19-oct-19)


Cancellation Policy Activity: We understand that sometimes plans change. Once the registration is made, a penalty will be applied for changes or cancellation equivalent to 50% of the price of the same and until January 31, 2019 (with proof). During the month of March there will be no economic return for cancellation, whatever the cause of the same, except that the Cancellation Insurance has been contracted (5€/registration) wich will allow, at any time, to claim the amount of the registration of the activity, up to 20 days before the start of the same. In the 20 days before the race, there will be no economic return (24th February 2019)

  • Bib numbers changes have a extra cost: 5€.


    FRIDAY, 15th MARCH 2019

    • Check-in UTMCD/LONG/HALF
      • DECATHLON TARRAGONA: 15.45h – 17.30h 

    • Check-in UTMCD/LONG/HALF
      • Where: PRADES: Prades Tourism Office. 19.45h – 21:30
    • Official Pasta Party: 20h-22h (Tel. 977 868 270 for reservations)


    SATURDAY, 16th MARCH 2019


    UTMCD Check-in : 7:00h – 08:15h.

    • Where: Prades Tourism Office

    UTMCD Equipment checking and delivery of the UTMCD bags to be transported to Vilaplana.: 07:20 – 08:20.

    UTMCD Briefing : 08:15.

    UTMCD Start: 08:30h. 

      • Where: Prades, Church square


    • Check-in LTMCD: 7:00h – 08:00h.
      • Place: Prades Tourism Office
    • Equipment checking and delivery of bags to be transported to Vilaplana LTMCD:  07:20 – 08:20.
    • Briefing LTMCD: 08:20.
    • Start (Prades) LTMCD: 8:30h. 
      • Place: Prades. Church square.



    • HTMCD Check-in : 09:00 – 10:05.
      • Where: Prades Tourism Office
    • HTMCD Bus departure from Prades to Vilaplana:10:15h
      • Where: La bascula parking (north Prades)
    • HTMCD Equipment checking  (at Vilaplana): 11:10h – 11:50h
    • HTMCD Briefing : 11:50h.
    • HTMCD Start (Vilaplana) : 12:00h.
      • Where: Vilaplana, Casal
    • HTMCD prize giving ceremony: 21.00h

    • HTMCD Finishing Line: 01:00h (17th march)
      • Where: Prades, Church square.


    SUNDAY, 17th March 2019

    UTMCD Finishing Line: 10:00h

    Children Races: Ultra Kids: 10.35h

    UTMCD/LONG/HTMCD Snack, draw and prize giving ceremony: 11.00h.

    • Where: Prades, Church square.



            For the year 2019 have established the following rules to improve health, safety conditions and FEEC 2019 federation Rules:

            • MANDATORY will be the presentation of a medical certificate to participate in the distance of 110kms ULTRA TRAIL and 87kms LONG TRAIL.
              • How to give it?? Unload the Medical Certificate to be filled: (+here)
                • Ultra Trail 110kms: you need to deliveryit when you pick up your bib-number
                • Long Trail 87kms (FEEC). You can uldate it when you do your registration. Also you can send by email to: [email protected] 
            • Be HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (not required) Medical Review made before to running in  TRAIL HALF distance 53kms 


            To facilitate this medical procedure we offer the option to book a Medical Review by our medical staff:

            • CAMBRILS – POSIT SALUT
              • Center led by Dr. Salvador Sarrà, and has specialized in sports medicine and emergency medical Trail Running race.
              • The final price of the Medical Review will be based on the modality contracted Medical Review. Price review Trail Running from 25 € (basic).
              • You can find more information in http://www.positsalut.cat/
              • C / Verge del Camí 1st 25/27 43850 – Cambrils
              • Tel 977 36 00 49
              • [email protected]  


      UTMCD 110 Km


      • SUB-23 masculine (21 – 23 years old) – NON COMPETITIVE
      • SUB-23 femenine (21 – 23 years old) – NON COMPETITIVE
      • Senior masculine (24 – 39 years old)
      • Senior femenine (24 – 39 years old)
      • Veteran masculine (40 – 49 years old)
      • Veteran femenine (40 – 49 years old)
      • Master maculine (50- 59 years old)
      • Master  femenine (50 – 59 years old)
      • Master plus masculine (60 or older)
      • Master plus femenine (60 or older)
      • General team relay
      • Women team relay (minium 3 teams)
      • Mixed team relay (minium 3 teams)


      • 1st, 2nd, 3rd racer of the Masculine and Feminine General Classification.
      • 1ST racer of each category.
      • 1st team relay of each category
      • Prizes are cumulative.


      LTMCD 87KM Catalonia Championship


      • SUB-23 masculine (21 – 23 years old) – NON COMPETITIVE
      • SUB-23 femenine (21 – 23 years old) – NON COMPETITIVE
      • Senior masculine (24 – 39 years old)
      • Senior femenine (24 – 39 years old)
      • Veteran masculine (40 – 49 years old)
      • Veteran femenine (40 – 49 years old)
      • Master maculine (50- 59 years old)
      • Master  femenine (50 – 59 years old)
      • Master plus masculine (60 or older)
      • Master plus femenine (60 or older)
      • Mixed team (3 runners)



      • To the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of the general masculine and femenine classification.
      • To the 1st racer of each category.
      • 1st team relay of each category
      • Prizes are accumulative


      HALFTMCD 53 Km


      • SUB-23 masculine (21 – 23 years old) – NON COMPETITIVE
      • SUB-23 femenine (21 – 23 years old) – NON COMPETITIVE
      • Senior masculine (24 – 39 years old)
      • Senior femenine (24 – 39 years old)
      • Veteran masculine (40 – 49 years old)
      • Veteran femenine (40 – 49 years old)
      • Master maculine (50- 59 years old)
      • Master  femenine (50 – 59 years old)
      • Master plus masculine (60 or older)
      • Master plus femenine (60 or older)



      • 1st, 2nd, 3rd racer of the Masculine and Feminine General Classification.
      • 1st racer of each category.
      • Prizes are cumulative.


        UTMCD 110Kms / 4.950mD+

        OFICIAL TRACK UTMCD 110Kms 2019 -update 15-03-2019-  (clic HERE-WIKILOC)



        LTMCD 87Kms / 3.915mD+


        OFICIAL TRACK LTMCD 87Kms 2019 -update 15-03-2019-  (clic HERE-WIKILOC)


        HTMCD 53Kms / 2.803mD+

        TRACK OFICIAL HTMCD 53Kms 2019  -update 23-02-2019-  (CLIC AQUÍ-WIKILOC)


         How to get there?


         Barcelona                                                                  – Tarragona

         Barcelona Prat’s Aeroport (Barcelona)                          – Lleida

        – Girona

        Where to sleep?


        Càmping Prades Park

        It is a family camping mountain of 1st category located in the emblematic town of Prades, in the heart of the Prades Mountains. At an altitude of 1000 m. And only 35 km from the beach and 45 minutes from Tarragona.

        Camping Prades Park is located in a beautiful place and abundant vegetation of pines, poplars, chestnut trees, oaks and oaks; Which allows you to enjoy a rest in a good natural environment.

        Camping Prades’ SPECIAL OFFER 


        Pasta Party OFFICIAL Dinner (on friday, March, the 15th): 12€ (salad, pasta with 3 different sauces to choose, bread, still wateri wine, dessert:fruit salad). 

        Shelter Pack: bed+ cloakroom + Breakfast = 23 €

        Breakfast6€ (buffet: milk, coffe, cereals, toasted bread with mermelade,  “catalan bread” (pa amb tomaquet) cold meat, water and juice).

        Also you can have a discount  in their rates during the race or before in your trainning days. 

        For reservations: Telf. (+0034) 977 868 270 or [email protected]



        Where to eat?

        -Pasta Party OFFICIAL Dinner (on friday, MArch, the 15th): 12€ (salad, pasta with 3 different sauces to choose, bread, still wateri wine, dessert:fruit salad).  Reservation and payment when registering in the race.  You can also reserve by phoning directly to the Camping Prades (+0034) 977 868 270

        Fonda Espasa:Very close to the start and the arrival. It has traditional food with all the products from its region.


        Race Services: 

        Showers: Once finished the race, in Prades’ sports area. (see attached map)

        UTMCD organization bag:The Organization provides Bag carrying to Vilaplana. This race bag will be provided by the Organization at the check-in for runners UTMCD and LTMCD only. No other bags will be carried by the organization. Size: 60x40cm



        Provisioning posts UTMCD-LTMCD-HTMCD

        • Liquid provisioning post: There will be provisioning posts with drinks in each village along the race, but most of them will only have water, fruits and dried fruits. 
        • Light provisioning posts: There will be 4 light provisioning posts (AV1) in Cornudella de Montsant, Albiol, Mont-Ral and Capafonts. This provisioing posts AV1 will consist in water, broth, coffe, tea, soft drinks, and very small sandwiches, fruit and cookies, etc.
        • Complete provisioning post: There will be a complete provisioning post (AV2) in Vilaplana: Apart from these food and drinks included in a light provisioning post, there will be  pasta or rice.


        Drinks ECO-RACE

        There will be not plastic glasses throughout the race. You must to have a reusable glass on the race. If you want. the organization will sell you a special glass to be used throughout the race. Liquid provisioning posta will only have water. At the light and complete provisioning posts there will be other drinks, but they can only be drunk in situ. Cans or other racers’ drink containers can only be filled with water.


        External assistance

        It is forbidden to receive external aid or to be accompanied by other people that are not racers registered in the race. External assistance is ONLY permitted in the LIGHT and COMPLETE provisioning posts areas (Cornudella de Montsant – Vilaplana – Albiol – Mont-ral – Capafonts). Outside these areas, external help or assistance is forbidden. 

        Racers are responsible for their own food or hydration during the race. It is advisable a minimum of calories at the beginning of the race ensure a semi-autonomous participation in the race.

        At the finishing line, there will be an light provisioning post.


        Other web sites of interest:







        Turisme de Prades

        Ajuntament de Prades

        Muntanyes de la Costa Daurada



        You can now follow the runners thanks to NOVOTIMING system



        You can follow the race in the social media by #UTMCD.



        Quieres ser VOLUNTARIO del UTMCD? Pasarás un fin de semana increible en un entorno deportivo y maravilloso. Tu ayuda puede ser muy importante y será muy bien valorada por los protagonistas de este reto deportivo… Los corredores. Puedes hacer de ayudante de control, de avituallamiento, indicando en un cruce, dando la bienvenida, entregando dorsales, haciendo bolsas, etc… No nos acabamos las tareas!

        Si tienes disponibilidad y te animas… te ofrecemos:

        • Disfrutar de la naturaleza en un entorno deportivo.
        • Vivir una “aventura” donde tu pones los límites.
        • Bolsa del voluntario para que tengas un recuerdo.
        • Conocer mucha gente.


        Y a cambio te pedimos:

        • Compromiso respecto a la tarea y horarios asignados.

        Si estás interesado/a envia email a [email protected]  y nos pondremos en contacto contigo.

        Muchas Gracias

        Joan Carbonell,

        Director de Carrera.