Here you have the NEW Costa Daurada REFUGES ROUTE!!

Complete Costa Daurada's Mountains Ultra Trail in four amazing stages

What's that?? Costa Daurada Refuges Route has been uploading during the years and since 2012 becomes a new trekking route of 90 marked km distributed in four similar stages; and with the mind to become one of the greatest routes of the country

The New Costa Daurada Refuges Route is born with the objective to show Costa Daurada's mountains joining Prades mountains and the Natural Park of Serra de Montsant through a route that combines sport, nature, culture and relax.

The Refuge inside Camping Prades Park, Refugi de La Mussara, Refugi de Mont-ral and the offer accomodation in Cornudella de Montsant offer a relax time between each stage.

Siurana village, Gorgs ravine, the old village of La Mussara, Tosques's path, Àliga's nest, Goi bridge, Abellera's ermitage, Tossal de la Baltassana, Albarca, the old Cartoixans path... are someones of the most emblematic places that can be discovered during the itinerary.

We could follow rehearsing cool villages, paths, fountains, small rivers... but it is not possible to transmit the feeling you have doing it. We encourage you to walk, discover, feel and enjoy the New Costa Daurada Refuges Route.


How does it work?? Through this webpage, you can contact with de Book Point. Pushing an only click, you can book place in the route, time of year, accommodation, presents, and also guide service, GPS, material transport, help during the route,... The New Costa Daurada Refuges Route can be completed in four days or in two weekends; and for the great trekkers in three or two days. Besides, it exists the competitive version in trailrunning during 24 hours in Costa Daurada's Mountains Ultra Trail


We will pamper you because it becomes a great experience


If you are an agence/TTOO or professional of tourism, contact directly to VIAJES VELERO


The Route

STAGE 1: Prades – Cornudella de Montsant/Siurana

·    Distance: 20km
·    Maximum height: 1134m    Minimum height: 525m    Drop: +608m – 1069m

The most western stage, crossing Natural Park of Serra de Montsant. The path goes up until Pla de la Guàrdia where there are spectacular sights. Walking down we will arrive at Mas d'en Lluc to go up again the valley until Albarca. From here and until the end of the stage we will go through the historic Cartoixans path. Once arriving at Sant Joan Petit chapel, we will walk down until Cornudella de Montsant.

Stage 2: Cornudella de Montsant/Siurana – La Mussara

·     Distance: 27,80km
·     Maximum height: 991m    Minimum heoght: 335m    Drop:+1783m -1326m

The longest and toughest stage in Refuges Route, but at the same time it is very spectacular and with great landscapes. At first you must walk up to Siurana (706m). It keeps walking down until Siurana river to ascend it for the Gorgs until getting the abandoned village of Gallicant. Crossing the old military camp of Castillejos, the path changes walking down until Vilaplana and finishin the stage with a tough climb to La Mussara's refuge.

STAGE 3: La Mussara – Mont-ral

·     Distance: 19,80km
·     Maximum height: 967m    Minimum height: 307m    Drop: +1023m -1149m

This is the most eastern stage and with more forest sides crossing hidden fountains and rivers. From La Mussara it starts walking down for Les Tosques and after arriving with no drop at Major Fountain and L'Albiol village. Since this point, two valleys are crowded. Albiol's river valley walking down and Glorieta's river walking up until arriving at Mont-ral's refuge.

STAGE 4: Mont-ral – Prades

·   Distance: 21,80km
·   Maximum height: 1198m    Minimum height: 704m    Drop: +1034m -906

This stage lets discover the north of Costa Daurada and besides this is highest one. From Mont-ral the path goes up smoothy until La Foradada to get Goi bridge and wallk down for Lludriga's Fountain until Capafonts. Form here, the path winds inside the forest until Abellera's ermitage and keeps walkin up until Tossal de la Baltassan (1.203m) from where we will walk down until until Prades village (in the Major square we will find one of the most famous fountains in the country) and very close from it there is Camping Prades's refuge.


The refuges

PRADES – Refugi del Camping Prades
Ctra. T70I km 6.850  -  Telèfon: 977868270  -     

CORNUDELLA DE MONTSANT: 3 diferents options

 - Option 1: Foda el Recó. Very good dinner and accomadation.

 - Option 2: Siurana Refuge. Sleep in the land of legends.

 - Option 3: Easy hostel Lo Refugi (NOT RECOMMENDED)



Carretera del Poble de la Mussara  -  Telefòn: 629750484  –    

MONT-RAL – Refugi Musté Recassens
C/Major, 15  -  Telefòn: 646297447  -



Before starting the activity:
- Be informed about the weather. You can consult the webpage of Servei Meteorològic de Catalunya

- Plan acuracy the activity. It 's important to have updated maps.
- It's better to not go alone or notice sombedoy about the activity, reoute, schedule that you expect to do.
- Bring the right equipment and material (warm clothing and spare, front light,...) Everything is important specialy when the sun disappears.

During the route:
- If you go in group, mantain the contact with the colleagues.
- Appoint reference points in the route to be guided.
- Drink often and eat energic meals.
- If it is cold, do not stop walking.

In case of accident:
- Keep cool and phone at telephone number 112. It is important to give the message acuracy (number of accidented people, how wounded and consecient is,...).

Doing the activity in Montsant:
- In case of fog, do not acces at Serra Major.
- In case of rain, take care about sliding in stony paths.

And remember that in the mountain…
- PRIVATE PROPERTY. Respect the private property. Think that mountains and forest have owners, but the maintenance and improve of this heritage is responsability of everybody.

- ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE. Remembre that it must be preserved for next generations.

- VEGETATION. Admire the vegetation with respect. We have the duty and the responsability to preserve it.

- MUSHROOMS. If we look for mushrooms, we must not damage the forest with tools or scratching the ground.

- ANIMALS. If you meet an animal, do not disturb or catch it. Enjoy watching it.

- WASTE. Nobody must know that you have been there. Do not dirty the mountain with your waste.

- CAMPING. Free camping is banned.

- FIRE. It is banned: a neglect can destroy all what the nature has spent hundreds of years to create



·  Waterproofy windproof

·  Thermal shirt
·  Trekking trousers
·  Tubular breath
·  Gloves (in winter or cold days)
·  Cap (in winter or cold days)
·  Two technical shirts
·  Clothes to dress up in the refuges.
·  Technical socks to trek
·  Outdoor / trekking shoes

·  Sunglasses

·  Sun cream
·  At least 1.5L hydration system
·  Calorie food for each stage (about 1.000kcal/day)
·  Sleeping bag or sheets
·  Towel and bag (soap, shampoo, personal hygiene)
·  Compass + map or gps with uploaded track
·  Minimum kit: vein - gases - antiseptic
·  Waterproof case map holder
·  Mobile telephone with spare
·  Front light and batteries
·  Trekking posts
·  Trekking bag with minimum 30L
·  Whistle
·  Knive multitasks
·  Documentation (ID/Passport + money) and protective cover.
·  Thermal blanket
·  Water purification tablets or drops

HOW TO BOOK? You decide when do the route. You only must complete the booking form and we will book all the refuges for you. On the first day, at the starting point we well do a breafing because you know all the important things and solve any doubt.

- We prepare a welcome breafing and will advice you about everythin you must know
- Costa Daurada Refuges Route Kit2018 
- Do not worry about phoning all the refuges, we'll do it for you.

- We manage, if you are not federated, en economic insurance to do the route

- You will have discounts and benefits in the four refuges of the route


- Official map of Costa Daurada Refgues Route

– Acces card to the refuges

- Card with discounts in the refuges

– Multifunctional tubular multifuncional of Costa Daurada Refuges Route

– Light bag

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? The kit costs 29€ by person (services in refuges and extra things are not included)



(Paid it directly to the accomodation)

  • Camping Prades Park (1ª Category): 35€/pax


  •  Cornudella de Montsant:
    • Fonda Recó (Cornudella): 40€/pax
    • Refugi Siurana (Siurana): 35€/pax (drinks not included)
    • Alberg Lo Refugi (Cornudella): EXPULSED - NOT RECOMENDED


  •    La Mussara: 25€/pax.


  •  Mont-ral: 22€/pax.






It is mandatory to have an accident insurance to cover the activity. If you have not it, we offer a temporary one for the four days.

2€/day/pax = 8€/pax

RENT GPS: bond of 200€ (cash/card)

It is recommended one GPS for group.

5€/DAY= 20€


It includes two displacements between Cornudella

de Montsant and Mont-ral. 7 taxi places.



Landscape interpretation, culture and route's history.

120€/DAY = 480€


You will have your luggage every day in the destination refuge. It includes 4 displacements.

- 1 or 2 baggages 150€ (minimum price)
- 3 to 6 baggages 200€ (minimum price)
- 7 to 9 baggages 250€ (minimum price)